Vertical Industry Solutions Operators

ConvergEX Technologies offers a wide range of wireless communication solutions that enable our customers to build and deploy best in class wireless broadband networks and solutions for sale to corporates and consumers. We access world class products, systems and hardware in User terminals, Access Networks, Core Networks and Applications, and combine these to produce a world class solution. 

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of products, services and applications in order to provide our customers with the best broadband networks in the world. We also offer a unique Pay as You Grow (PAYG) type offering giving our customers the flexibility to grow business and value in an organic manner.   Broadband wireless data networks supplied by ConvergEX Technologies provide high-speed, secure and reliable access to the wide range of needs and requirements of end consumers and corporate users. ConvergEX Technologies will offer you:

  • High speed network with the necessary capacity and coverage to provide and meet the key metrics requirements for fast broadband access from corporates and consumers alike;
  • Comprehensive network solutions that offers superior performance, reliability and security for yourself as well as your end customers.
  • PAYG solution that allows you to expand the network when and where you need the capacity and coverage;
  • The connection to a vast network of OEM/ODM manufacturers of hardware and software sources to meet your network requirements on unparalleled commercial terms.
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