Vertical Industry Solutions Governments

ConvergEX Technologies offers a wide range of wireless communication solutions that enable Governments to build and deploy their own secure wireless networks. These state-of-the art wireless solutions allow for crucial information to be transferred to and from the necessary centers. Wireless technology can be used to not only interconnect various governmental departments, but for remote lookup of persons, records and other salient information from remote databases.  Our proven interoperability technology seamlessly connects persons in the field with the back office persons or systems necessary.

Our solutions are designed an all IP based architecture that is revolutionizing the way governments protect their citizens, personnel, property and safeguard the nation. The Wireless IP-based solutions can transport any type of real-time sound, video or data and provides a number of crucial advantages compared to older analog or hybrid systems including:  

  • Real-time situational awareness and response
  • Remote command and control
  • Remote monitoring and accessibility
  • Faster, lower cost deployments
  • Digital encryption and storage of pertinent information
  • Interoperable with 3rd party systems
  • Optimized ROI
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