Vertical Industry Solutions Corporates

ConvergEX Technologies offers a wide range of wireless communication solutions that enable our corporate customers to build and deploy their own wireless networks. This can be as simple as a Wireless solution allowing a corporate organization with separate offices on the same campus the ability to communicate with one another, to advanced wireless radio networks spanning hundreds of kilometers allowing thousand’s of individual branches to communicate seamlessly. 

At ConvergEX Technologies we know that the needs of our corporate customers are unique, and we take all these requirements into consideration when designing and before the deployment of these advanced wireless networks. Our networks are all designed with the key considerations of Cost, Coverage, Capacity and lastly Convergence in mind.

Wireless Data networks supplied by ConvergEX Technologies provide high-speed, secure access to data across the corporate networks. ConvergEX Technologies will offer you:

  • High speed network with the necessary capacity to provide faster access to information and the ability and flexibility to support more applications and users in the future. 
  • Custom-designed coverage and penetration solutions that can be tailored to your coverage needs, from urban to rural, and outdoor to indoor solutions. 
  • Flexibility from single-sites to wide-area networks, and the flexibility of these solutions to not only meet today’s needs but tomorrow’s as well. 
  • End-end network reliability with built in error detection/correction to ensure your information gets through quickly and accurately. 
  • An unsurpassed service with professional staff dedicated to your needs. 
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