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PureWave Networks is developing advanced, compact LTE and WiMAX base stations with the

goal of revolutionizing the economics of 4G network deployment and operations. The company’s flagship PureWave Quantum family of base stations offers operators advanced performance, in an all outdoor, zero foot print package. These products are versatile enough to deliver the coverage and capacity of a Macro Base Station, or to be deployed as 4G small cells in a dense urban environment.

This unique cost/size/performance combination results in a significantly lower CAPEX/OPEX, which makes PureWave Quantum Base Stations attractive to any type of operator, from large mobile service providers to small Wireless ISPs (WISPs), in rural, suburban and dense urban areas.

Ease of deployment also separates the PureWave Quantum Base Stations from the rest. Patent pending and fully integrated, the PureWave Quantum Base Stations’ single box design can be deployed completely outdoors, without the need for high-priced shelter or air-conditioning. 


HIGH POWER ~ Transmit power of up to 2W per antenna.

EASY DEPLOYMENT ~ Field deployable by a single technician in well under 2 hours.

ASN-GW OPTIONAL ~ Can operate in stand-alone mode, without an ASN-GW, making even small deployments affordable.

GREATER CAPACITY ~ Improved link performance increases throughput at any range

FLEXIBLE MOUNTING ~ Can be deployed on towers, utility poles, walls, roof tops, etc. without the need for remote RF heads.

COMPLETELY WEATHERPROOF ~ No shelter required.

SOFTWARE DEFINED RADIO ~ Supports remote field upgrades of new functionalities and standards.

POWERFUL MANAGEMENT OPTIONS ~ Fully supported by PureView NMS.


ConvergEX has long standing relationship with PureWave Networks and would be your partner of choice for these fine products.



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