Corporate About Us

ConvergEX Technologies is an aggregator of best of breed technologies in the Wireless Networks environment and through a network of partners we represent, we provide our customers with turnkey solutions to deploy these advanced wireless networks. We access world class products, systems and hardware in User terminals and Base Stations, Access Network, Core Networks and Applications in WiMAX and more recently, LTE Technologies. 

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida USA, ConvergEX has built its relationship base over far reaching geographies across Emerging Markets and Europe and the US, and extending influence to draw on capabilities from leading edge environments across the globe. The founding experience of ConvergEX Technologies leadership emanates from the stables of many of the top global telecommunications vendors coupled with the understanding of Emerging Market realities.

Our unique blend of industry experience, proven commercial experience and end-to-end technical architecture based on collaborative thinking allows our customers to deploy highly effective and economical networks.

Strong relationships across the globe, across all wireless technologies

ConvergEX Technologies has invested significantly in building relationships over time and has extensive consultative experience with network deployments across Africa, the Middle East, South and Central America and the United States. With nurtured local and regional relationships we aggregate turnkey solutions in specialist areas that are afforded to our customers in these regions. We have also spent considerable time investing in relationships at the source of technology development that allow us to leverage off latest trends and developments in the deployment of relevant solutions. Through the aggregation of volume and technology demands of emerging markets, our partners in hardware and software supply rely on ConvergEX to support their deployments of their technologies locally and regionally.

First Access to wide range of Wireless Technologies

With the OEM and ODM’s preoccupation with first world deployments, coupled with a pragmatic view of capitalizing on opportunities in Emerging Markets like Africa, the Middle East and CALA, vendors realize the value of having practical knowledge and wide networks established through their support ConvergEX. We have also experience in deployments in the US for rural broadband deployments using mature carrier class equipment.

This allows for multi vendor relationships to exist and to technically capitalize on divisible technologies that make longer term commercial sense. These best of breed solutions exist across all facets of the broadband wireless ecosystem, from chipset silicon to fully deployable ecosystems from leading manufacturers.

First mover access to leading chipset manufacturers for CPE terminals

Since the arguable majority of the network spend resides within the procurement and deployment of Customer Premises Equipment, ConvergEX Technologies has adopted a strategy to partner with third party Original Design Manufacturers and co-develop solutions that interoperate synergistically with technologies in the Wireless ecosystem and the environment in which they operate in. We firmly believe that Operators have their own a set of practical nuances that must be made relevant to the technology that is deployed, however are able to leverage other deployment experiences.

With the proportionate significance of the CPE in the networks we deploy, we have secured relationships and technology that emanate directly from the source of the technologies in the chipsets, all the way to the finished product ready for deployment in commercial and private networks. We have proven commercial experience in this regard that allows our customers to be less reliant on a single vendor for network components.

Superior Core/Access Network software solutions

Within the heartbeat of Wireless Technologies lies the demand for robust and scalable architecture in managing commercially relevant services to our customer’s subscribers. Once again, open based architecture allows for the construction of best of breed systems to be deployed. ConvergEX has partnered with experienced Core and Access Network providers to give scalable and affordable solutions for management of systems and processes that need to integrate with the radio/air interface. We have leading edge solutions for billing, AAA, network management, subscriber services amongst other network requirements for next generation service provision.


ConvergEX Technologies LCC., is a Limited Liability Company registered in the State of Florida, United States. 

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