Vertical Industry Solutions Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Giants have a highly evolved demand for invaluable data to manage the requirements of the industry for complex analysis of a number of applications for a multi-billion dollar industry. With the proven ability to provide High Speed Connectivity in a cost effective and delivered through relatively simple network architecture, the business case for WiMAX is considered to be a highly compelling one. 

With Field Offices, IP to the Wellhead, Rig-to-Ship and Rig-to-Shore demands, communication solutions are often deployed in remote and sometimes harsh locations. WiMAX products are well suited to provide the rigorous environmental requirements that these conditions. The Oil and Gas industry now have access to a plethora of data to manage the following applications covering:

  • Surveillance and Monitoring
  • SCADA deployed systems and terminals
  • Real-time Seismic Data
  • Spill Prevention and Monitoring 
  • Asset Tracking
  • Real-time data gathering from remote locations and equipment control
  • Automated monitoring and alert systems
  • Mobile and remote workforce and vehicle management and connectivity
  • Fleet management and automatic vehicle location
  • Off-site multiple location offshore facility linking
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