Vertical Industry Solutions AeroMACS

In 2009 the Aviation community chose WiMAX as the next generation terrestrial wireless communications technology. The fundamentals attractions of the decision was centered 

around the following features that WiMAX offered:

  • The ability to offer Scalability relative to bandwidth, frequency channels and future growth, and ensure Guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) profiles to meet priorities of data transmission;
  • Being a mature technology, WiMAX allows the Aviation Industry the necessary governance in terms of standards based protocols to match network governance requirements;
  • The stability of Secure solutions that encompasses authentication, authorization, encryption and the ability to deploy digital certificates;
  • Where privacy is required in environments such as airports and other discrete aeronautical environments, WiMAX provides support for private Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs);
  • With deployed WiMAX technologies being based on modern communications technologies and supporting modern Internet-based network protocols, the industry has the ability to leverage more economical commercial scales than new technologies.

ConvergEX Technologies has successfully emerged as a leader in the provision of hardware solutions for the AEROMACS industry and is an active member of the Aviation Working Group within the WiMAX Forum®.

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